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For VitalityClub members

Your switch to the new VAMED VitalityClub - here is what you should know:

  • Check-in in the new VAMED VitalityClub and your collected points will be transferred in the app
  • Existing VitalityClub cards remain active
  • The bonus levels CLASSIC - SILVER - GOLD remain
  • Collect points as usual and benefit!

Your VitalityClub benefits at a glance

Important note: Activate your profile now!

To activate your profile, log in to the new VAMED VitalityClub now to continue to enjoy all the advantages and to transfer your VitalityClub points and current bonus level to the new club! Your VitalityClub card remains valid. 

For your switch to the new VAMED VitalityClub you need:  
•    Cell phone number
•    VitalityClub card number 
•    Date of birth

Attention. You’ll find your card number on the back of your club card, starting with the number 9, below the barcode. 

You have not yet provided your date of birth in the VitalityClub? Please contact the VitalityClub hotline once: +43 601 27 9090 

Switch now! All VitalitClub points collected until 03/31/2022 can only be redeemed until 12/31/2022. 


You’re new to VAMED VitalityClub?

Find out here how VAMED Vitality Club works and what benefits you can enjoy as a member.
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Discover: Learn more about vouchers, exclusive VitalityClub offers and your VitalityClub PLUS and find all info on the club upgrade. Enter: Download the VitalityClub app and secure your welcome bonus! Check in: Verify your phone number, link it to your existing profile and take VitalityClub points with you. Start enjoying benefits immediately: Collect points as usual and dive into a whole new world of benefits!

Log in to the new VitalityClub app now and enjoy great benefits right away – click here to download the app from the App store or Google Play:
The new VAMED VitalityClub app
download from the App store or Google Play
Important: Activate your existing profile!

Check-in in the VAMED VitalityClub and activate your profile, to gain access to all the benefits and to transfer your VitalityClub points in the new Club!

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VAMED VitalityClub Hotline
+43 (1)  601 27 9090
Monday – Friday: 09:00 am to 01:00 pm

Do you still have questions about VAMED VitalityClub?

 You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

VAMED VitalityClub is one of the most popular premium customer clubs in Austria. In order to always offer our members the best service and most attractive offers, VAMED VitalityClub, which has existed since 2010, has been upgraded - so you can enjoy:
- the new VitalityClub app
- receipt of points on the day following your visit
- new VitalityClub vouchers, valid at all VAMED Vitality World resorts
... and much more!

Yes, all VitalityClub cards issued to members from the beginning of VitalityClub remain valid. 

Yes, you’ll keep your VAMED VitalityClub bonus level unless you have collected more than 12,500 VitalityClub points as a CLASSIC member in the last 36 months. In that case, you’ve automatically been upgraded to the SILVER bonus level - congratulations!

As of April 1, 2022, each partner card holder will get their own VitalityClub profile, at the bonus level of the main card holder. Your VitalityClub PLUS benefits (= benefits at the given bonus level) can therefore continue to be used. None of the available VitalityClub points are included on the new VitalityClub profile, as these are retained by the main card holder. Jointly collecting points is not currently possible, but the VitalityClub card can still be used. 

Yes, your VitalityClub vouchers will continue to be valid until the specified expiration date. Printed VitalityClub vouchers can still be handed in at the resorts. Vouchers which have not been printed yet can be viewed in the VitalityClub app, in the web app and via the VitalityClub tablets available at every resort.

Your VitalityClub vouchers can be redeemed at the indicated VAMED Vitality World spa and health resort(s). Cash equivalents, refunds and exchanges are not possible. The voucher cannot be combined with other offers and discounts. The terms and conditions of the VAMED Vitality World resort accepting the voucher apply. Vouchers are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the VitalityClub account holder.
Bookings during traditionally busy times of the year, such as public holidays, bridge days and Austrian school holidays are excluded. Please inquire in advance at the resort of your choice whether it is possible to redeem your voucher at the desired time. For hotel vouchers, written confirmation from the resort that has accepted the voucher is required. By activating this VitalityClub voucher, you accept the conditions for redeeming the voucher.

You’ll find all the benefits you enjoy as a VAMED VitalityClub member in the VitalityClub app: 

- Overview of your VitalityClub profile: personal data, available points, current bonus level....
- Easy editing of your personal data
- Digital VitalityClub card, always with you
- VitalityClub PLUS: View and activate the benefits available at your bonus level
- Receive exclusive VitalityClub offers
- Redeem VitalityClub points, activate vouchers and show them at the spa counter / hotel reception when you check in
- Overview of all VAMED Vitality World resorts
- Get up-to-date information
- Read the VAMED Vitality World magazine at your leisure
- Participation in competitions 
... and much more!

The VitalityClub vouchers can now be redeemed at any VAMED Vitality World resort. Please note the conditions for redeeming the voucher. Printing vouchers is no longer necessary or possible. To activate a voucher (= exchange points for the voucher), the voucher must be shown at the spa counter or hotel reception at check-in using the VitalityClub app. Alternatively, the VitalityClub card can be shown.

To log in to the web app, you need your cellphone number, which is stored in your VitalityClub profile or newly specified when you log in, as a verification code will be sent by SMS. In the VitalityClub app, this verification process only needs to be done once, as the member remains permanently logged in.   

Download the VitalityClub app on your smartphone or log in to the web app. By verifying your phone number and adding your VitalityClub card number and date of birth, your existing profile will be linked, and you can collect points and get VitalityClub benefits as usual. If your date of birth is not stored in your VitalityClub profile, please contact the VitalityClub hotline once (Monday to Friday 9:00-13:00, Saturday and Sunday 9:00-12:00) to transfer your VitalityClub profile. 

The GTC have been adapted to the newly designed VitalityClub. When logging in to the "new" VAMED VitalityClub for the first time, the current GTC must be acknowledged. 

Your VitalityClub points are automatically transferred to the VitalityClub app when you activate your VitalityClub profile: Download the VitalityClub app to your smartphone. By verifying your phone number and adding your VitalityClub card number and date of birth, your existing profile will be linked, and you can manage your collected points and redeem them for VitalityClub vouchers as usual. 

The welcome bonus is 500 VitalityClub points and it’s offered to all VitalityClub members who download the new VitalityClub app to their smartphone and activate their existing VitalityClub profile by and including April 30, 2022.