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VAMED – The leading international healthcare service provider

Founded in 1982, VAMED AG has grown from strength to strength to become the world’s leading full-service provider for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Its portfolio encompasses every stage of the value chain including project development and consulting, planning, turnkey construction and maintenance, technical, commercial and infrastructure solutions, and independent operation of healthcare facilities.

Headquartered in Vienna, VAMED AG is also a global player in a range of other healthcare-related areas such as prevention, acute care, rehabilitation and nursing.

This unique value chain has helped VAMED AG on its way to becoming the world’s leading healthcare services provider.

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UKSH Schleswig-Holstein

VAMED is an important element of one of the largest hospital-related construction projects in Europe: the new construction and renovation of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH). Thus for decades to come maximum medical care for all inpatients is ensured.

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Al Reem Integrated Health &
Care Center Abu Dhabi

The concept for the Al Reem Integrated Health & Care Center in the United Arab Emirates is particularly innovative as it seamlessly combines a modern primary healthcare center (PHC) with an acute care hospital and a directly integrated rehabilitation clinic.