Gesundheits­Zentrum Bad Sauerbrunn

Experience wellness in its purest form in Burgenland

Gesundheits­Zentrum Bad Sauerbrunn

The Bad Sauerbrunn Health Spa is the perfect place for anyone looking for more than a run-of-the-mill spa getaway. At Bad Sauerbrunn, health therapies and convalescent care programmes are combined with premium spa attractions and all of the outdoor activities that Burgenland is so famous for. Regenerate dwindling energy supplies at the Bad Sauerbrunn thermal spa. Our professionally trained team of physiotherapists and doctors is on hand to provide visitors with support and advice at the health centre. At Bad Sauerbrunn the curative approach is based on three main elements: healing thermal waters, Säuerling spa water with a high magnesium content (also used in spa water drinking therapies) and CO2 dry gas.


In dry gas therapies, you simply sit back and relax while the gas is absorbed into your body through the skin – after a short time you will start to feel pleasant warmth and a gentle tingling sensation. This type of therapy is particularly recommend for people suffering from vascular disease. Bad Sauerbrunn Health Spa specialises in preventative care and long term convalescent therapies for musculoskeletal disorders, as well as outpatient rehabilitation. All of the therapies are provided by practitioners with extensive experience in the fields of physiotherapy, sports science and dietary science, supported by qualified doctors and medical massage therapists. This approach has earned Bad Sauerbrunn, located in the beautiful Rosalia region, its well-deserved reputation as one of the top health resorts in the whole of Austria. Interested in taking a health holiday in Bad Sauerbrunn?  Book your spa getaway at the Bad Sauerbrunn Health Spa today!

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