Spa vacations

Spa vacations

Look forward to a blissful wellness vacation at a luxury VAMED Vitality World spa and health resort. Wellness is an integral part of our holistic approach and each resort has its own individual wellness concept. A richly varied range of wellness treatments and programmes awaits you. Treatments are aimed at restoring physical harmony, and in the hands of our capable experts you’ll soon start to feel your soul lift too. Take the time to allow yourself some quiet reflection and nurturing, and let your thoughts wander in peace. Switch off, relax, and enjoy a few hours filled with peace and tranquillity.

  • Professional support for your health

    At VAMED Vitality World health resorts, every aspect of health and wellbeing, from nutrition to medical treatments, is incorporated into your stay in an exclusive and enjoyable way. Our professional consultants, health experts and personal trainers are on hand to provide support and advice. Take advantage of the diagnostics offered by our in-house doctors and therapists and use the opportunity for personal consultations from our health experts and nutritionists.

  • Explore the incredible range
    of beauty treatments

    Enter a world of health, beauty and relaxation! Leave your everyday cares behind you, explore the incredible range of treatments and enjoy our care products specially selected for you. Our team of beauty therapists, healthcare experts and wellness gurus will tend to your every need in a setting that stimulates all the senses. Our most sought-after programmes include Relax-Regeneration, Anti-Aging and carefully selected treatments drawn from all four corners of the earth.

  • Dive in - from Längenfeld to Budapest

    Immerse yourself in the VAMED Vitality World resorts and explore the unique aqua parks, swim in 34-36°C water beneath the stars or float around futuristic pools as you listen to music issuing softly through the underwater speakers. Navigate gentle currents at a leisurely pace, relax with an underwater massage or join in an aquarobics class.

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