VAMED Vitality World – Wertekompass




We build on personalities
Individuality and self-initiative drive us to success.During our daily co- operation we meet each other with appreciation. We listen to one another and value every opinion.This creates team spirit and respect.


We make the right decisions
We walk our path considerately,cautiously and act in our guest’s best interests.They are the center of all our activities.We stand by our deci- sions because they make sense.


We think ahead
Our innovative thinking makes us pioneers in our field and allows us to set new standards.We recognize talent and help them grow.They build a strong base for a successful future. We act sustainable and think in generations.


We keep our word
Sincerity and transparency are our matter of course.This gives us as well as our guests and partners security and trust in our daily opera- tions.We can always be relied on.

Wege                   We march on new paths
We are open for new challenges and are in constant development. Our ingenuity helps us to reach new goals. In doing so we remain authentic and keep our uniqueness.


Our engagement is passionate
We “burn” for well-being and health. Our work brings us joy and is fueled with passion.This commitment ensures our success.