Health holidays

Health holidays

The VAMED Group’s motto of "a holistic approach to healthcare" is reflected in the treatments on offer at every single one of the VAMED Vitality World resorts. Each of the spas and health resorts is committed to a holistic approach to nutrition, exercise, wellness and professional medical care. Our nutritionists, qualified therapists, trainers and physicians will be at your side to provide expert advice and support you during your stay with us.

  • Healing thermal springs
    in Austria

    The high mineral content of thermal spring water can alleviate many complaints including joint disorders, rheumatism and allergies. And the warm water at temperatures of over 30°C works wonders on muscles and helps you to relax. Savour the effects of our mineral thermal springs at a VAMED Vitality World resort in combination with rejuvenating wellness treatments and medical therapies.

  • F.X MAYR and detox breaks

    Want to eat a healthy, balanced diet? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin from time to time? Would you like to find a way to change your eating habits? Get off to a great start right away with the new F.X. Mayr therapy and free yourself for good. The doctors, sport scientists and dieticians at VAMED Vitality World resorts will support you on every step of the way.

  • Get in shape with
    healthy, gentle exercise

    Even on holiday, exercise enhances your health and wellbeing. The VAMED Vitality World spa and health resorts are a cut above the norm, combining wellness with gentle exercise and sports. Discover the activities on offer at VAMED Vitality World resorts.

  • Recovery phases

    If, like many of us, you have little time for rest and recreation in your hectic everyday life, a relaxing therapeutic break at one of the VAMED Vitality World spa and health resorts in Austria can work wonders. Learn how to consciously let go of tension and replenish your energy reserves. The professional staff at the nine VAMED Vitality World resorts will help you to cut out stress from your life before it becomes a problem.

  • Resource-friendly attitude to nature

    VAMED Vitality World is committed to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources, from the way it maintains its resorts, to waste management, energy generation and transportation. Our guests enjoy locally sourced organic food and healthy meals that focus on seasonal produce. And all of the products used in our beauty treatments are free from artificial additives. Our internationally recognised certifications, including Demeter and other organic certifications, are testaments to our continuous efforts to respect nature and the environment in all that we do. This conviction is shared with all of our suppliers and put into practice day by day at our resorts. It all goes to show that sustainability, enjoyment, comfort and exclusivity can work together.

  • Training for a healthy back

    As the support and movement centre for the back, the spinal column and back muscles are put under considerable strain in our everyday lives. The spinal column also carries the majority of the weight of the human body and allows free movement of the lower torso. A lack of exercise, repetitive strain at work and weight issues are among the most common sources of back problems. Over the long term, exercise specifically aimed at strengthening the back muscles is the best therapy and can also prevent issues from cropping up again in future. Experience the ideal personal training plan for your back. The teams at the VAMED Vitality World are always available to offer professional support and advice.

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