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VAMED Vitality World offers attractive career prospects at our eight spa and health resorts, with eight locations in Austria. Places where people are enjoying their holidays.

Our employees are crucial to our success, acting as the group’s human face in its day to day interaction with resort visitors. Over 1,600 service sector specialists currently work at our nine wellness hotels and health resorts in Austria and Hungary.

Find out more about the opportunities and challenges of a career at VAMED Vitality World – we welcome you as a potential new employee at one of our exclusive resorts!

Long-term partnerships and dedicated employees

Our spas draw on the experience of our long-standing employees whose expertise shapes the way that the resorts are managed. Whether it’s an old hand, an apprentice at start of their career or someone joining us from another industry, our health professionals and hotel experts are all highly valuable members of the VAMED Vitality World team.

Every single day their tireless dedication ensures that every aspect of the VAMED Vitality World experience matches up to our uncompromising standards.




Consistently high quality standards and ongoing staff development are a key aspect of our approach

The quality and performance of our employees is key to the success of our resorts – which is why we put our heart and soul into our recruitment, training and staff development programmes. 

Our aim is to ensure that each individual is working in a role which allows their own personal strengths to flourish. In each resort we ensure that conditions are just right, permitting our employees to work to the best of their abilities and ensuring that their job satisfaction improves with each passing year. Like our guests, we want our employees to feel relaxed and comfortable with us, and aim to create an environment of personal fulfillment.

Here are our values:

Our Values


With 1,600 employees, VAMED Vitality World is Austria’s largest spa and wellness tourism employer. We are constantly stepping up our apprenticeship programme to ensure that we continue to produce a steady supply of highly-trained, service-driven professionals.

Build your career on other people’s vacations!

Our Junior Host programme prepares apprentices for their future role in hospitality sector right from the very first day. Programme graduates will have excellent vocation qualifications and a Matura school leaver’s certificate, standing them in good stead for their career ahead. All in all, the programme represents an excellent opportunity to grow into a crisis-proof job at one of the luxury VAMED Vitality World spa and health resorts. Successful apprentices will find career choices in the entire tourist industry opening up to them.

Our apprenticeship partners at the resorts look forward to hearing from you.

Unsolicited Application


  • Highly qualified and motivated supervisors
  • Chance to network and compare noteswith other VAMED Vitality World apprentices
  • Independent planning and implementation of projects
  • Professional onboarding with initial training plan and buddy scheme
  • Support from a mentor throughout the apprenticeship scheme
  • Opportunity to experience another VAMED Vitality World resort during the programme
  • Participation in VAMED Vitality World Day to Stay

We look forward to hearing from you!

At VAMED Vitality World we are always looking for dedicated individuals to represent our resorts by supporting us in our quest for continuous improvement and delivering the highest quality experience possible. We expect our employees to have excellent interpersonal skills and maintain a smart appearance. A service-oriented mindset, friendly and open nature and the ability to work in a team are essential. Successful applicants will be able to communicate a genuine enthusiasm for their work, absolute reliability and the willingness to go the extra mile for customers and colleagues alike. Requirements include language skills (e.g. Czech, Italian and Russian, depending on the resort), a commitment to constantly developing their own professional competencies, full familiarity with the individual resorts and services, as well as a thorough knowledge of attractions in the local area and, finally, a flexible approach to service. This dedication is rewarded with numerous perks and social benefits.

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